RFID seals

Neptune seals container
Mentor seal anti-tamper
Cable seals RFID anti-tamper
Anchor seals RFID antitamper
Titanseals RFID antitamper
Janus gate RFID anti-tamper

LEGHORN srl established 1978 is a manufacturer and supplier of security seals and security products for protecting assets, specialising in applications for shipping and logistics.

Thanks to a wealth of experience and it’s in house design and production capabilities , Leghorn can provide a decisive and comprehensive response to every security related issue. It’s varied range of products, systems and bespoke solutions has allowed Leghorn to establish itself as one of the European leaders of this sector.

Furthermore, the company’s computer and electronics division within the group have been working for over ten years to enhance Leghorn’s security products with the most innovative technical features. The main functions of Leghorn’s products and security systems are:

  • identification
  • control
  • protection
  • tracking

The development of Leghorn’s range of security seals and electronic seals using RFID has been created from the company’s mission to provide new efficient solutions and services to improve integrity and tracking of assets, persons and logistics.